Greg Gutfeld reacted to reports that doctors are seeing an influx of patients with so-called "Trump Anxiety Disorder," in which people claim the current president has been harmful to their health.

Gutfeld said the media may have helped create the phenomenon with its frequently critical coverage of President Trump.

He played several clips of reporters panning the president, like MSNBC's Joe Scarborough.

"Donald Trump and his erratic behavior could be leading us toward World War III," Scarborough, a former Pensacola-area Republican congressman, said in 2017.

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ABC's Joy Behar lamented in one clip that tensions with North Korea could lead to the "annihilating [of] millions of people."

"That's why you really can't mock the ill when there's a whole industry selling them this kind of terror," Gutfeld said in reacting to the clips.

He said that many economic indicators are looking positive under Trump, and asked where the president's critics would be without him.

"Wait until you see Trump Withdrawal," he said.

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