CRTV host Michelle Malkin said that Congressional Republicans looking to retain power are standing in the way of President Trump's border security demands.

Trump tweeted Sunday morning that he'd be willing to shut down the government if his measures for border security funding are not met.

Malkin said that she supports President Trump and his administration for wanting an immigration reform vote before the midterms elections.

However, she criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who last week said in a radio interview that the border issue likely wouldn't be resolved until after the midterms.

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Trump also tweeted Sunday that Congress needs to act on fixing the country's immigration laws, which he called the "dumbest and worst" anywhere.

Malkin said on "Fox & Friends" that there has been a longstanding battle within the Republican Party between those who value "cheap labor" more than the country's safety and those who support Trump's agenda.

"The biggest enemies here are not necessarily the open-borders Democrats. They're doing what they always do. It is those Republicans in Washington, D.C. who are willing to throw President Trump and his voters and supporters under the bus to preserve their own power," she said.

As Fox News reported:

A recent House bill would devote $5 billion to a southern border wall, but its passage in the Senate, where it would need the support of Democrats to reach the required 60-vote threshold, remains a longshot.

"Good riddance to Paul Ryan, and I wish Mitch McConnell would take a clue and go out to pasture as well," Malkin said.

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