Dan Bongino debated radio host and former Sen. Charles Schumer aide Chris Hahn Saturday night on President Trump's economic effectiveness.

According to estimates by the U.S Department of Commerce, the country's economy increased by 4.1 percent in the second quarter of this year.

President Trump announced his administration's accomplishment on Friday and said he was "thrilled" at the numbers.

"We accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions," Trump said. "Once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world."

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Appearing on "Justice With Judge Jeanine," Hahn said that he'd only give Trump a limited amount of credit for the economic boom.

"He didn't inherit a mess," Hahn said. "The economy has been in an upward trajectory for the last 10 years."

Bongino fired back, saying that Trump did in fact inherit a economic mess 

"Barack Obama is the only president in United States history to never -- in two terms, by the way -- reach 3 percent GDP growth annually at any point in his presidency."

Bongino added that he doesn't give any president good or bad credit for the economy, but rather to American entrepreneurs.

"I think the president can do things to get the government out of the way, and I think that's what Donald Trump has done through the tax cuts," he said.

Hahn then said that the federal budget deficit and national debt are growing, to which Bongino and Judge Jeanine Pirro were astounded.

"The deficit has been cut!" Pirro said.

"Please, spare us the nonsense about debt and deficit after eight years of Barack Obama," Bongino replied.

Watch the fiery argument above.

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