Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel slammed Twitter over the reported practice of “shadow banning” certain prominent Republicans, which restricts their visibility in search results.

The social media giant came under fire after McDaniel, several Republican congressmen -- including Reps. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Matt Gaetz of Florida and Jim Jordan of Ohio -- and other conservatives reportedly failed to appear in Twitter’s auto-populated drop-down search results.

McDaniel tweeted that every American should be concerned that a social media company would suppress certain political points of view.

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President Trump subsequently weighed in, tweeting that he will look into the "discriminitory and illegal practice."

Twitter said in a statement that it does not "shadow ban," and an issue with the search function has been resolved.

On "Fox & Friends" on Friday, McDaniel said Twitter's explanation doesn't go far enough and she wants to know why prominent conservatives appear to be the ones primarily affected.

"Why is it only Republicans that are having this problem?" she asked, adding that the "thought police" of Silicon Valley should not be determining which voices are being heard on social media platforms.

"I want to know: what is your process? Be transparent," McDaniel said. "You owe that to your users, to let us know our voices will not be suppressed because you don't like what we think." 

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