One of Larry Nassar's victims reacted to the disgraced U.S. Gymnastics coach's claims that a recent prison assault was encouraged by a notable comment made by the judge in his case.

Attorneys for Nassar say Judge Rosemarie Aquilina's "I just signed your death warrant" comment about his state prison sentence -- 40 to 175 years -- contributed to the recent assault in a federal prison in Tucson, where he is serving 60 years for possession of child pornography.

They want a new sentencing hearing and a new judge, Martha MacCallum reported.

Sarah Klein, who said she was molested from age 8 to 25, said she is "absolutely not surprised" by Nassar's attempt.

"Typical Larry," she said. "Larry is a master manipulator. ... What does a prisoner want more than anything? To get out of prison."

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Klein, now 38, said Aquilina was "dignified" in the way she handled Nassar's case.

"She gave us the ability to speak up [and] use our voices," she said, adding that "healing took place" in the courtroom.

Klein said it took her a long time to realize the "treatments" Nassar said he was giving her were actually unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature.

"He knew," she said.

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