Fox News at-large correspondent Geraldo Rivera warned Friday that President Trump's former counsel Michael Cohen could "represent a significant legal threat to the president."

Rivera said Cohen was somewhat of a "consigliere" to Trump, in that he was the "one key person we tell all of our life story to."

He said that since Trump cut ties with Cohen, the New York attorney has felt "reckless" and inclined to do "down and dirty things" like his release of a private taped conversation with Trump to Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor and brother of the state's governor, Andrew Cuomo (D).

"If [Cohen and his attorney Lanny Davis] are willing to do that, they're willing to do almost anything," Geraldo said. Davis, who was retained by Cohen in this matter, famously represented President Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal.

However, Rivera added that it is a "shaky proposition" that Trump had knowledge of a Trump Tower meeting between son Donald Jr. and a Russian national, as Cohen has posited.

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If Trump Sr. did indeed know about the meeting and approved of it in hopes of getting compromising information on opponent Hillary Clinton, "that could be collusion," Rivera said.

Trump denied knowledge of the meeting once again in a blistering tweet directed at Cohen.

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