In her "Angle" commentary, Laura Ingraham blasted Republicans who appeared to submit to Democratic wishes regarding immigration reforms.

Ingraham said that North Carolina Democratic Rep. David Price of Chapel Hill was able to successfully amend a major appropriations bill to push back on recent immigration policy restrictions set by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

She added that a top Republican on the committee, Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas, said he changed his mind on asylum claims policy because he witnessed his mother's work as a social worker.

"Your family history shouldn't be allowed to thwart the president's immigration agenda," Ingraham said, addressing Yoder.

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The bill passed Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen's (R-N.J.) House Appropriations Committee by a party-line vote, according to the Hill newspaper -- shortly before Congress left Washington for its recess period.

She said that the asylum claim threshold has been lowered to include fear of domestic abuse and violence.

Ingraham remarked that if "that's the barometer" for a claim, "might as well throw the borders wide open."

She warned that if Republicans give in to Democratic wishes, the open borders policy could result in tens of millions of new voting age adults.

"It's critical for Republicans not to cave to the Democrats on immigration," she said.

Watch the "Angle" commentary above.

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