Judge Andrew Napolitano said Special Counsel Robert Mueller sees President Trump's tweets as a "treasure trove" and a "window into [Trump's] thinking."

The New York Times reported Thursday that Mueller "is scrutinizing tweets and negative statements from the president" about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey as part of a wide-ranging inquiry into alleged obstruction of justice. 

The Times reported:

Several of the remarks came as Mr. Trump was also privately pressuring the men — both key witnesses in the inquiry — about the investigation, and Mr. Mueller is examining whether the actions add up to attempts to obstruct the investigation by both intimidating witnesses and pressuring senior law enforcement officials to tamp down the inquiry.

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Speaking on "Outnumbered" after the news broke, Napolitano said Mueller is likely looking into whether Trump used Twitter messages to tamper with potential witnesses.

“Did the president send messages to people, threats or rewards, via his tweets? People who he knew or expected would be interviewed by Bob Mueller and if he did, was he engaging in witness tampering?" Napolitano explained.

He said the "dramatic news" is that, contrary to what Rudy Giuliani claimed previously, Mueller has not given up on a potential obstruction case. 

"Not only have they not given up the ghost, they have a new rabbit hole down which to go, and in that rabbit hole are hundreds ... of tweets that came out of the president's mouth."

Lisa Boothe said she believes Mueller is "gunning for impeachment" or an indictment against the president. 

On Wednesday night, 11 House Republicans introduced five articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller probe. He is accused of withholding documents and information from Congress, failing to comply with subpoenas and abusing FISA laws.

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