Juan Williams ripped Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's performance in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing where the diplomat was grilled about President Trump's recent summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland.

The Five played video of some key moments from the hearing, including Pompeo's testy exchange with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and others.

The panel discussed the tough talk President Reagan offered to Russia, when he conveyed that the United States does not believe in Communism.

They debated whether or not Reagan was subject to the same type of partisanship on the Russia issue as Trump has been.

"This is why Republicans are blind to Trump. They make everything into team sports," Williams said during the debate.

"The thing that strikes me... I've got to tell you that [Pompeo] looked like Sergeant Schultz [during the hearing]," Williams said, appearing to reference the secretary's exchange with Menendez on what he knows about the private meeting between Putin and Trump. "I see nothing, I see nothing."

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Sgt. Hans Schultz, played by John Banner, was a key character in the 1960s sitcom  "Hogan's Heroes,.  Schultz was an uncharacteristically affable prison guard at a World War II P.O.W. camp in Germany.

Schultz was often forgiving of American prisoner Robert Hogan's attempts to sabotage the camp, telling Hogan, "I see nothing" when the Ohioan carried out one of his plans.


Pompeo "is saying, 'Oh, look at all the sanctions put in place,'" Williams said, adding that Trump is often "obfuscating" when it comes to his relationship with the ex-KGB agent Putin.

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