A 94-year-old veteran had a lifelong request granted by President Trump on Tuesday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention.

Sgt. Alan Jones was called up to the stage in Kansas City, saying it was one of the highlights of his life to meet the president. 

Jones stood before the crowd and was met with a standing ovation when he said he's given 70 years of his life to the VFW.

"My children are watching me today, hopefully, to know that their dad got to stand beside the President of the United States."

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Jones then asked the president if he could soon visit the Oval Office with his family. 

"Anytime you want," Trump replied, later signing a photo for Jones.

"God bless you, Mr. President, and I wish you well in the future," Jones said.

Trump gave Jones a hug before escorting him off the stage. 

Watch Jones discuss the "amazing" experience on "Fox & Friends" below.

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