An Indiana farmer said Tuesday that he appreciated President Trump for "having his back" in the wake of ongoing trade negotiations, as retaliatory tariffs against the United States threaten the bottom line of American agriculture.

Kendell Culp, who is also part of the American Soybean Association and vice president of the Indiana Farm Bureau, said Trump is following through on his promise to protect farmers.

"We would just like to see a deal done," Culp said, adding that he -- like Trump -- prefers "bilateral trade agreements" rather than otherwise.

Martha MacCallum asked whether his fellow farmers and ranchers will continue to be patient as the president works on his trade policies.

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Culp said that it is several months yet until harvest season, so Trump has time to work at fixing the trade imbalance.

However, he said that farmers who see "bins full of good crops" at the end of the year may be less patient at that time.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue added that it's preferable to have open and free trade around the world and that such a situation would "benefit [farmers] greatly."

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