Special Report host Bret Baier said that President Trump may very well be trolling the media and the left by claiming that he thinks Russia will interfere in the midterms to help Democrats.

Trump on Tuesday tweeted that he's "very concerned" Russia will fight "very hard" to impact the elections in November, and that the Kremlin would try to help Democrats.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, too, said that he believes the president trolled people when he said he'd explore revoking the security clearances of top Obama-era intelligence officials.

Baier said that the media tends to read a lot into everything that Trump tweets out, and that the yanking of clearances probably won't happen.

Ryan: Trump 'Just Trolling People' With Threat to Revoke Obama-Era Officials' Clearances

Baier added that maybe the media shouldn't read into the president's words, because he may be saying certain things on purpose.

"I think that the president sometimes literally does troll the media and the left," Baier said. "I think that he wants heads to explode."

Baier added that by Trump voicing his concern of Russian interference in the midterms, it contradicts what he said during his summit with Russia President Vladimir Putin.

Trump had come under extremely harsh criticism after casting doubt on U.S. intelligence officials after appearing to side with Putin's denial of meddling in the 2016 election.

He spent last week clarifying his remarks, claiming that he misspoke.

Baier said Tuesday that by Trump saying Russia could be helping the Democrats in November, people will overreact.

He said Trump, more than any other president knows how to "own the news cycle."

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