Senator Rand Paul said Monday on "The Story" that he supports President Donald Trump's decision to look into revoking the security clearances of former government agents.

The White House named several specific former officials, including former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Directors John Brennan and Michael Hayden.

He said there is a "great danger" to have former officials work as "talking heads" on television while still holding access to classified information that they could accidentally disclose.

Paul (R-Ky.) said Brennan himself was already the subject of a controversy after a 2012 "underwear bomb" plot against the United States was first reported.

Paul appeared to cite a Reuters report from the time, which said that Brennan held a conference call with a small group of former counter-terrorism advisers on the topic.

Shortly after the call, former Clinton counter-terror adviser Richard Clarke said on ABC News that the plot "never came close because they had insider information, insider control" -- the detail allegedly disclosed by Brennan. 

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According to Reuters, a joint U.S.-U.K.-Saudi operation was actively working against the plot.

"[Brennan] almost cost the life of a double agent," Paul said.

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