Greg Gutfeld said political newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's claim that "hyper-capitalism" in America won't always exist is true, because it simply isn't capitalistic enough.

Enter: "Super-Turbo-Hyper-Capitalism," the first system of its kind where every single worker get his or her own startup.

Super-Turbo-Hyper-Capitalism means more goods, more services, and a country where everything is privatized -- even vomiting!

Gutfeld Show Presents: 'Snubway', Where You Can't Eat Without Being Properly Vetted

With full employment all the time, pets have jobs too, and every baby knows how to frack.

You never retire with Super-Turbo-Hyper-Capitalism either!

The best part of Super-Turbo-Hyper-Capitalism? The stock market only rises!

If it ever dips, Lou Dobbs has a hot tub party -- and it goes back up!

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