Legendary college football coach Lou Holtz sounded off on the issue of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem on "Fox & Friends."

Holtz, who coached at numerous colleges and had a one-year stint at the helm of the New York Jets, said that players protesting the "The Star-Spangled Banner" is hurting the league's fan base.

Tennessee Titans defensive end Jurrell Casey said on Wednesday that he has no plan to change course after standing with a raised fist during the anthem last season.

The NFL and its players association issued a joint statement the following day, saying that "no new rules" related to anthem protests would be enforced while the two sides try to find “a solution" on the issue.

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As Fox News reported:

The statement from the NFL and the NFLPA followed a Thursday report from the Associated Press that said the Miami Dolphins had issued a team policy that added anthem protests to a list of behaviors considered “detrimental to the club," all of which could lead to a paid or unpaid suspension, a fine or both.

The league announced its policy on the highly debated issue in May, which said that it would fine teams that didn't "stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem."

The league's commissioner, Roger Goodell, had also said that players who don't wish to stand for the anthem were permitted to stay in their teams’ locker rooms until it was finished.

"Everything the NFL does on this is a reaction," Holtz said. "Now all of a sudden, you're really hurting the customer."

President Trump tweeted about the reignited issue on Friday, saying that Goodell must "make a stand."

"Let's look at what you've accomplished by kneeling down during the national anthem: You're hurting the sport, you're hurting the future, you're hurting the revenue for other people coming up," Holtz said.

Watch the segment above.

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