Only 18 Democrats voted Wednesday to express support for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The GOP-controlled House passed a resolution -- sponsored by Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) -- supporting ICE and condemning the idea of abolishing the agency.

The bill passed 244 to 35, with 133 Democrats voting "present." Thirty-four Democrats voted against the measure, along with libertarian Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), before the bill was blocked by Senate Democrats. 

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Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-N.Y.) joined with his Republican House colleagues to vote in support of ICE, telling "Fox & Friends" Friday that the agency has an important job to do.

Suozzi, who represents Nassau County, said he viewed the vote overall as a "political stunt" by Republicans akin to when they called for the IRS to be abolished in 2015. 

"Open borders is not a winning policy. I’m a very strong supporter, as are most Democrats, of strong border security. We just need to make a deal with the president and solve the problems," said Suozzi, arguing Americans are "sick of politicians" and want to see something accomplished in Washington on the issue of illegal immigration. 

He looked into the camera and asked Trump to invite him to the White House to negotiate a deal on the border wall and protecting DREAMers.

Watch the interview above.

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