Progressive group MoveOn is pushing for a $15 minimum wage, and they're using strong rhetoric to do so.

"Low wages are violence. Knowingly letting people suffer is violence. It must end," the group tweeted from its verified account on Thursday.

The tweet included a graphic showing Winchell's worker Miguel Caloxto.

"I'm doing the jobs of 3 people: cashier, baker and running the store. That's a lot of responsibility for just minimum wage. I deserve $15 AND union rights," the graphic reads.

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On "Your World" on Friday, former CKE Restaurants CEO Andrew Puzder said an employer and employee agreeing upon a wage is not "violence," it's "employment."

"It's a new low and it's an attempt to distort the English language, economics and the way that you and I got started in our business lives: entry-level jobs," Puzder said to host Neil Cavuto.

He pointed out that there are tens of thousands of job openings in manufacturing, transportation, construction and other industries.

"The economy is making and the SEIU irrelevant. If people want jobs, there are jobs," Puzder said, arguing that economic growth must be the driving factor is rising wages.

He added that a dramatic minimum wage increase would kill jobs, lower incomes, hurt businesses and hurt the very employees that groups like MoveOn claim to be trying to help.

Watch more from "Your World" above.

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