In a rare tweet, conservative media mogul Matt Drudge called out the New Yorker magazine's latest cover, which shows President Trump lying on the ground at the base of an escalator. 

The cover shows Trump having fallen on his face from the escalator, presumably a reference to his 2015 campaign kickoff event at Trump Tower when he famously descended from a long escalator.

While face down on the ground, he still gives a thumbs-up in the cartoon by Barry Blitt. 

Drudge posted the picture on Twitter, writing that the left's "continued fetish for Trump’s physical harm/death is stunning..."

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Reacting on "America's Newsroom," Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney said he does not see the picture the same way as Drudge, arguing it's appropriate to characterize Trump's performance at Monday's summit with Vladimir Putin as a "face-plant."

"I think it's trying to make him look like a clown who's falling on his face. ... A lot of Americans who like Trump will still look at what happened with Russia and say 'yeah, it did look like he fell on his face,'" Carney argued. 

Bill McGurn of The Wall Street Journal said he's been similarly surprised with the Trump "death imagery" becoming mainstream. 

Watch the discussion above."

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