In her "Angle" commentary, Laura Ingraham slammed former CIA Director John Brennan for labeling President Trump as "treasonous" for his remarks at a summit with Vladimir Putin. 

Trump came under fire for remarks he made Monday following his meeting with the Russian president that cast doubt on the U.S. intelligence community's conclusions about Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

Brennan said Wednesday that now "there might be" a tendency for intelligence officers to withhold information from Trump.

Ingraham called Brennan a "complete embarrassment" and added that his statement was "tantamount to a slow-rolling coup."

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"Shame on you, sir," Ingraham said, condemning Brennan for what she believes is giving intel officers approval to conceal vital information from Trump.

She denounced the liberal media's "faux outrage" over President Trump's "misspoken" remarks at the Russia summit, as well as its calls for intel officials to resign.

"Never has been so much made of so little."

Ingraham called Trump's comments Monday an "error of communication," supporting the president's clarification he made the next day that reaffirmed his support of the intelligence community.

She added that the "rabid media" hoped to turn Trump's simple response into a mortal blow.

"Now they're just making no sense at all," said Ingraham, citing lawmakers' calls to subpoena the interpreter present in Trump's closed-door meeting with Putin.

The left, Ingraham said, "has no record to run on" and are only hoping to create another narrative to drum up support ahead of the midterms.

"This is patently absurd, and I think they know it is," she stated.

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