A cafe in California was protested by an anti-Trump group and had its membership from the local Chamber of Commerce revoked because its owner supports President Trump.

Asher Shalom, the owner of Asher Caffé & Lounge, said on "Fox & Friends" Thursday that leftists in his community of Boyle Heights have taken exception to his support for Trump's immigration policies. 

Shalom told Brian Kilmeade that as a legal immigrant who came to America 30 years ago, he takes issue with those coming to the country illegally.

He said that the majority of his 70 employees are immigrants.

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Shalom's son, David, said that his father's business is on good terms with their downtown Los Angeles community.

"It's a shame that expressing pro-Trump sentiment has really caused all of this divide," he said.

The anti-Trump group "Defend Boyle Heights" posted a lengthy video to its Facebook page showing a group of protesters outside Shalom's business.

The protesters were heard yelling "These racists have got to go" and some chanted "Shame!" repeatedly to patrons leaving the establishment.

The group also said that Shalom's business supported gentrification of the community, posting "This Gentry business is trying to creep in without folks noticing that their owner is an anti-immigrant Trump loving gentryfier!"

"They are against anything new that comes to this area, so we are confused," Asher Shalom said Thursday.

"One of the reasons that I'm pro-Trump and I love him [is] because I've been in the textile business for about 30 years and I saw how we lost a lot of businesses to China," he said.

In a letter, Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce President Jennifer Lahoda reportedly said that Shalom's views “are not in line with the values and objectives of the Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce."

CBS Los Angeles reported that Lahoda took issue with a Facebook post of Shalom's that states, “I wish Democrats would fight as hard for Americans, as they do for illegals.”

In a statement to "Fox & Friends," the Chamber said that the Asher Caffe & Lounge's membership had been revoked, membership dues refunded and that the chamber's participation in its grand opening were cancelled.

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