Arizona Rep. Martha McSally (R) said Wednesday that Democrats opposing a GOP-led bill to support Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) need to choose whether they want to represent the American public or a political agenda.

Republicans have said they want to force Democrats to go on the record against ICE as midterm elections loom, but some Democrats say the demand is a political stunt.

"This is not a political game," McSally said on Outnumbered Overtime.

"Their party has now gotten so extreme and radical to the left on this issue that they need to make a choice today: Are they doing to be for the people they represent? ... Or are they going to be for their radical left agenda?

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McSally praised ICE agents and the organization's work to stymie drug trafficking, human trafficking and disrupting terrorist activity in the United States.

"If that goes away ... people are going to die," she said. 

Many Democrats have adopted the idea of abolishing ICE altogether, as they were infuriated by President Trump's "zero-tolerance” policy for migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

That policy led to the separation of thousands of children from their families, sparking national outcry until Trump signed an executive order to stop it last month.

McSally said that an element of the Democratic Party has become "dangerous" and "reckless," but that to not support ICE has become mainstream.

"I think Democrats will have to decide whether they're going to put on their Nancy Pelosi jersey and they're just going to vote the party line that is extreme and radical right now, or whether they're going to look at the resolution [and] look at what ICE does."

Watch the segment above.

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