Mark Levin slammed "psychopaths" in the media for the "overwrought, hysterical, insane" criticism of President Donald Trump following his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump received criticism from both sides of the aisle over remarks he made in his post-summit news conference on Monday.

Trump on Tuesday backtracked on his comments about Russia meddling in the 2016 elections. He said he misspoke when he dismissed allegations from the U.S. intelligence community, stating he accepted the conclusions as he tried to quell a firestorm over his press conference with Putin.

On "Hannity" Tuesday night, Levin noted that some in the media argued that Trump's remarks at the press conference amounted to treason.

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He noted that former President Barack Obama received nowhere near the same amount of criticism when it came to his inaction in the face of Russia aggression.

Levin explained that Obama did nothing to stop Russian election meddling, gave no pushback for Russia's annexation of Crime and capitulated to Russia in Syria, among other failures.

He said that Trump, on the other hand, has expanded sanctions on Russian companies, beefed up NATO, increased U.S. defense spending, restored missile defenses to Poland and the Czech Republic and ended the ban of oil exports to try and compete with Russian energy.

"The fact of the matter is Trump hasn't done a thing to harm America with respect to Russia, and Obama did nothing to protect America when it came to Russia," Levin said.

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