Former Connecticut Democratic senator and 2000 vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman expanded upon his "Wall Street Journal" op-ed in which he warned against allowing a socialist congressional candidate in New York to become the new face of the party.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Bronx), who identifies as a socialist, defeated House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joseph Crowley (D-Queens), in the race for a heavily Democratic congressional district in the outer boroughs of New York City.

She recently called for people to "occupy every airport," "occupy every border" and "occupy every ICE office" until illegal-immigrant children are reunited with their parents, and has called for President Trump's impeachment and socialist economic policies.

Lieberman said he is urging people in the district, which includes the eastern Bronx, Astoria, East Elmhurst, and City Island, to support Crowley -- who through the Empire State's complicated balloting rules is still listed under the left-wing "Working Families Party" line.

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"Those are not policies that will be supported in many places across America," Lieberman said, adding that if Ocasio-Cortez' candidacy is used as a model for the Democrats, the party "is not going to have a very bright future."

He said that Ocasio-Cortez' policies may be en vogue in a district like hers, but that they would be roundly rejected in other parts of the country.

Lieberman added that he disagreed with Ocasio-Cortez' rhetoric in support of the Palestinians and against Israel.

Political commentator Margaret Hoover recently asked Ocasio-Cortez about her use of the term "occupation of Palestine."

"I think what I meant is... the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to their housing and homes," Ocasio-Cortez said.

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