In her "Angle" commentary, Laura Ingraham said that President Trump committed an "unforced error" in his press conference after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ingraham called Trump's response to whether or not he believed Russia interfered with the 2016 election a "verbal gift" to his critics.

Trump stated that although he has "great confidence" in his intelligence team, President Putin "was extremely strong and powerful" in his denial of election meddling.

President Trump, Ingraham said, should have instead addressed the indictment of 12 Russians regarding meddling and how no Americans were named.

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Ingraham said that at the same time, Trump has a right to be frustrated.

She said that his critics don't recognize actions he's already taken toward Russia, like expelling 60 Russian diplomats from the U.S. and sanctioning 19 individuals for election interference.

"If Trump is Putin's poodle, he has a really odd way of showing it," she said.

Ingraham said that the negative commentary following Monday's summit was devoid of context and history.

"President Trump prefers to turn on the charm in person while using the hammer and sickle behind the scenes," she explained.

Ingraham asked where such intense outcry was when Barack Obama in 2012 told then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he had "more flexibility" after the election.

"Trump clearly should not have created any semblance of moral equivalency between our intel community ... and the assurances of Vladimir Putin," Ingraham said.

She added that Trump should have presented the concerns and objections of the United States more subtly with Putin.

Despite some of Trump's "verbal missteps," Ingraham concluded, Trump has already put America in a better position by opening up a dialogue with Russia.

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