Greg Gutfeld reacted to media criticisms of President Trump's meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin -- including that of a former Watergate prosecutor who invoked Kristallnacht and 9/11.

"The world must be ending -- meaning it's Tuesday on cable news," Gutfeld said, introducing clips of Trump-Putin criticisms.

On MSNBC, commentator Jill Wine-Banks said Russian election meddling was "as serious to me as the Cuban Missile Crisis... or the 9/11 attack."

Wine-Banks, who served in President Jimmy Carter's administration, said Monday's summit will "live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attacks or Kristallnacht."

Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, was a deadly 1938 Nazi paramilitary offensive targeting Jewish men, women and children in Germany.

On CNN, former CIA official Philip Mudd, a frequent critic of Trump, invoked the thought of a "shadow government."

Former CIA Director John Brennan called Trump's actions "treasonous" on Twitter.

Gutfeld responded by saying that if Trump is a "Russian plant" then he is the "worst one ever."

He also noted Brennan's comments are ironic in the face of the former intel boss' vote for Communist Party USA presidential candidate Gus Hall in 1976.

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He said Trump is trying to force Germany to cancel a billion-dollar Russian energy contract and pipeline.

"[Energy] is their only major export besides spies," Gutfeld said of Russia.

Gutfeld added that Trump is also pressuring NATO to increase defense spending to protect against a potential Russian threat.

"You've got to be nuts if you think he's a Manchurian candidate," Gutfeld said. "[But] he played nice. Maybe too nice."

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