A Business Insider columnist resigned in protest after the website's editors deleted her piece defending actress Scarlett Johansson against a backlash from transgender activists. 

In the column, headlined “Scarlett Johansson is being unfairly criticized for doing her job after being cast as a transgender man,” Daniella Greenbaum opined about Johansson having to quit the film due to outrage that a transgender person was not picked for the role.

Greenbaum tweeted her resignation letter last week, saying that she left her job because of the way Business Insider editors “erased” her piece from the site following an internal campaign against her conservative views.

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Greenbaum said she thought her piece was "totally benign," as she only made the case that actors are paid to portray other people, and that's what Johansson was hired to do.

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"I don't understand the outrage, frankly," Greenbaum said.

She explained that several hours after her piece was published, she had a call with Business Insider global editor-in-chief Nich Carlson and other senior editors informing her that many of her colleagues were "very upset."

She said their main point was that transgender people face discrimination in other walks of life, so they should be given "first dibs" on the limited transgender roles in Hollywood.

Ultimately, Business Insider pulled the column, and Greenbaum cautioned that this type of censorship could happen to anyone.

"Each victory that this mob claims just strengthens them and reminds them of their own strength, so I don't think anyone is safe from this kind of attack."

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