Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace held an exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Wallace asked about President Donald Trump's statement that, up until the time the two leaders sat for a summit, the Russian-American relationship has "never been worse."

Putin said people should be grateful that the Russians and Americans are working together behind the scenes to organize such a summit and that the two leaders agree that terrorism is a greater threat to both nations than appearances show.

"We are starting to achieve some understanding," Putin, 65, said.

Putin said the apparent effort by the West to isolate Russia has "failed and was never bound to succeed."

He credited his nation's "sheer size" -- the largest geographically in the world -- and its impact on the global energy market as reasons it is "too big to be sanctioned and isolated."

Putin rebuffed an attempt by Wallace to hand him Special Counsel Robert Mueller's document indicting 12 members of the Russian government's security service, the GRU, in connection with hacking Democratic Party servers during the 2016 election.

Wallace spelled out the exact departments noted by Mueller, to which Putin responded by saying that he wished that Americans would listen to him when he says the Kremlin has "never interfered with the internal affairs of the United States."

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"Do you really think that someone acting from the Russian territory could've influenced the minds of the American [voter]?" Putin asked.

Putin pointed to a 1999 treaty reached by Russia's then-President Boris Yeltsin and the Clinton administration, which provides for each nation's assistance in criminal cases.

"Why wouldn't Robert Mueller send us an official request [regarding the indictments]?" he asked.

Putin also denied having compromising information or "dirt" on Trump, as some of the American leader's detractors have claimed.

Wallace also asked about Putin's thoughts on NATO, the apparent assassinations of journalists and political opponents, and the changes to his image between 2000, when he campaigned, and today.

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