Russian studies professor Stephen Cohen said that President Trump's summit with Vladimir Putin is more significant than any other president's meeting with a Kremlin leader because of how dangerous the current relationship is between both countries.

Appearing on "The Next Revolution," Cohen said Trump is not fully empowered to deal with Putin, explaining that both men will meet stiff opposition politically to any improvement in relations. 

"What makes this different, unprecedented and so dangerous, is that relations between the United States and Russia today are more dangerous than they've ever been," Cohen said.

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President Trump kicked off his historic summit with his Russian counterpart on Monday by predicting their two countries “will end up having an extraordinary relationship.”

He said that he and Putin have “a lot of good things to talk about,” from trade to missiles to China, and this meeting could open up "great opportunities" for both countries.

Like previous meetings between U.S. and Russian leaders, Cohen said he believes there have been attempts to sabotage Monday's summit

"Anybody -- I don't care what their political affiliation is -- who seeks to prevent or sabotage this summit or its outcome, I ask this question: Do they prefer impeaching President Trump to averting war with Russia?" Cohen asked.

The summit comes after Friday's indictments of 12 Russians for their interference in the 2016 presidential election, namely the hacking and dissemination of stolen DNC emails. 

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