Sean Hannity joined Ainsley Earhardt Monday morning LIVE from Helsinki, Finland, where he is set to interview President Donald Trump. 

Tune in TONIGHT at 9:00pm ET on "Hannity" to see Trump's first interview following his historic face-to-face talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Hannity said Trump will address a range of issues with Putin, including the 2016 election interference by Russia, the status of Crimea, the Syria crisis and arms control. 

Hannity said Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) warned in 2014 about the growing threat from Russia, but then-President Obama "paid no attention to it."

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He recalled that in 2016 Obama dismissed the idea that any "outside force" could ever affect an American election. 

"This happened on Obama's watch. Is the president going to confront Putin on this? Absolutely," said Hannity. 

Hannity agreed with President Trump's tweet that no matter what comes out of the Putin meeting, the mainstream media will cover it negatively. 

"If President Trump gave 10 million dollars to every man, woman and child in America, liberals would still hate him. If the president adopted every liberal policy exactly word for word, they'd still hate him," he said. 

Also later today, Chris Wallace will interview Putin in an exclusive presentation on Fox News Channel. 

Watch President Trump on the "Hannity" exclusive interview, TONIGHT at 9:00pm ET.

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