Neil Cavuto reacted to President Donald Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that Trump should stop blaming past American governments for international problems, and needs to dial back his praise of rivals like the ex-KGB agent.

"He calls the EU a foe and Vladimir Putin a friend. He still won't say Russia interfered in the 2016 election," Cavuto said in his Common Sense monologue.

Cavuto said that Trump tends to blame his predecessors for questionable actions by America's enemies or rivals.

He said Trump blamed the sour relationship with Russia on past U.S. presidents who haven't taken enough initiative on possible diplomacy.

Cavuto also said Trump has blamed past administrations for the fact China is able to "cheat" the West on trade policy and production.

"We let [Russia] invade Ukraine. We let China seize on our appetite for cheap goods," Cavuto said, characterizing Trump's stance. "Our leaders weren't shrewd."

Cavuto said that Trump's rhetoric makes it sound like the New Yorker took office "in the middle of a worldwide depression" or that we were "on the brink of nuclear war" with North Korea.

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"None of that is real, all of that is fake. You made history, but that doesn't mean you have to change history," he said, adding that Trump "demeans" his office by taking "cheap shots" at predecessors including former President Barack Obama.

"It's not about decorum, it's about integrity," he said of Trump's apparent reluctance to confront America's rivals such as Putin and North Korea's Kim Jong Un to their faces. "On foreign soil at least you might consider praising our enemies less." Trump's summit with Putin took place on such soil, in the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

"We didn't invade the Ukraine, Russia did," Cavuto said, adding that Russia, not America, is the nation "working with a butcher in Syria" and "poisoning journalists."

"It doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to Vladimir Putin, just be very careful with it," he said, adding that Trump has done a lot of good things in his tenure thus far, including tax cuts.

"You say you want to drain the swamp. Stop throwing the mud," he said. "Mr. President, I know they say you have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but that doesn't mean criticize your friends and give your enemies cover."

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