President Donald Trump has sent the world's political and media establishments into a "meltdown" during his trip to Europe, Steve Hilton said.

"It was a vintage week for unthinking, anti-Trump bigotry and hate, focusing, as usual, on style, not substance, and ignoring actual facts in favor of condescending and uninformed contempt for Donald Trump and his supporters and his agenda," Hilton said on "The Next Revolution" Sunday.

Hilton said he wanted to fact-check the political and media elitists who disapprove of Trump's "disrupt-o-rama."

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He pointed out that Trump has been accused of weakening NATO, when he actually increased the U.S. military contribution to the alliance compared to former President Obama and motivated other NATO nations to cough up more cash.

"That is obviously strengthening NATO, not weakening it," Hilton said. "Idiots."

He added that Trump also was criticized for speaking out against U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's softer approach to Brexit and Germany's energy pipeline deal with Russia, despite the fact that Trump has very valid concerns about both.

Finally, Hilton said, Trump has been accused of not taking a strong position against Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

"Fact: the Obama administration was fully aware of Russia's election hacking and did practically nothing about it. Fact: the Trump administration has been much tougher on Putin than Obama ever was, not just with tougher sanctions, but hitting them where it really hurts -- energy policy," Hilton said.

He said we can expect to see more "intellectual yet idiotic" elitist groupthink as Trump meets with Putin in Helsinki.

Watch the "Next Revolution" monologue above.

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