Former CIA Chief of Station Daniel Hoffman said Sunday that President Trump must enforce a strict red line when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

Trump has said that he would address the indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers related to interference in the 2016 presidential election during the summit.

"I think the president needs to own this debate," Hoffman said Sunday.

Hoffman said that he'd advise Trump to tell Putin that he'll enforce a red line "unlike the previous administration."

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Ahead of his summit with Putin, Trump called the Russian president a "competitor" when asked if he considered Putin a friend or a foe.

"He's not my enemy. Hopefully someday, maybe, he'll be a friend," said Trump.

Hoffman said Sunday that as a result of the meeting, there could be an overarching discussion of key issues.

"Syria, North Korea, Ukraine, counter-terrorism, arms control," he said.

Watch more of the discussion with Ed Henry in Helsinki above.

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