Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) on Saturday blasted embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok following Strzok's hearing Thursday before the House.

The focus of the hearing was the slew of Trump-bashing texts Strzok sent to his former co-worker and lover using his FBI phone while conducting investigations into Russian election meddling and Hillary Clinton's email server.

Strzok was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe earlier this year after his texts were revealed. Strzok steadfastly maintained that he exhibited no bias in his capacities as a top FBI investigator.

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DeSantis said on "Fox & Friends" that Strzok's testimony was "like pulling teeth," and he was critical of Strzok's lack of cooperation.

Strzok's testimony left much of the American public frustrated, DeSantis said.

"He was not honest. He was not credible in explaining his actions, and yet he's still on the payroll of the FBI," DeSantis added.

"Why is he still getting a paycheck from the American taxpayer? He should not be there anymore. He doesn't have credibility and he needs to move on."

Strzok said Thursday that there were multiple levels above him and below him at the FBI during the Clinton and Mueller probes, dismissing the idea that he could have influenced either investigation based on a political bias.

DeSantis said that in order to hold Strzok accountable, the FBI agent could potentially be held in contempt of Congress.

"I've been arguing we needed to use that and other tools," he said.

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