Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) said Saturday that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's remark he is "inconsequential" was an elitist thing to say.

Ryan challenged Pelosi for the position in 2016 and said Saturday that he hasn't closed the door on running again if Democrats take the House majority..

When asked in a recent Rolling Stone Magazine interview what she thought of Ryan and Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), Pelosi said both men don't have a following.

"Inconsequential," Pelosi answered. "They don’t have a following in our caucus. None."

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Pelosi recently wrote to her Democratic colleagues that she would recommend a delay in the caucus leadership elections.

“My recommendation to the Caucus would be to set leadership elections sometime after Thanksgiving, at a date to be determined by the Caucus," Pelosi said.

Ryan said that her remarks didn't represent the kind of leadership the Democratic Party needs.

"Those are the comments that come off as super judgmental, elitist," Ryan (D-Ohio) said. "That has been the problem with the Democratic Party."

He added that ahead of the midterm elections many Congressional veterans have said they won't be voting for Pelosi in November.

"They're showing the kind of new Democratic leadership that we want, an independent streak that we want,” Ryan said. “When those people come to Congress in November, we'll make a decision on who's going to lead our party."

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