Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ripped the Trump administration on Friday during a teachers union conference in Pittsburgh.

Speaking to thousands at the American Federation of Teachers Convention, Clinton expressed her disdain over multiple Trump policies.

The ongoing issue of migrant family separations at the border goes beyond politics, she said, adding that it was disgraceful, inhumane and indecent.

President Trump signed an executive order in June to allow migrant children to stay with parents who were caught crossing the border illegally.

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Clinton went on to say that the administration wants to transform the American public into "transactional units."

"It's like a man-eat-man, woman-eat-woman society," she said.

Trump and his administration have excuses for their policies and decisions made, Clinton also said.

However, she said the result of it all "is that they are trying to rip the heart out of America."

"They want to turn us against each other," Clinton said.

Later in her address, Clinton discussed the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, and called it an obvious attempt to reverse decades of progress.

"You know, I used to worry that they wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s. Now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s."

"Fox & Friends" host Pete Hegseth said Saturday that as Clinton referenced the 1850s, she was implying racism in America.

"It's hyperbole that no one can buy," he said.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) also blasted Clinton's remarks on "Cavuto Live" Saturday, calling her words "absurd, hyperbolic rhetoric."

"I think Sec. Clinton should be ashamed of those comments and I call upon her to rescind them," he said.

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