An Air Force veteran says he was forced to sell his home after his Home Owners Association fined him for displaying the American flag in a flower pot outside of his residence, but he's continuing the legal fight.

Larry Murphree, who lived in the Tides Condominium Association in Sweetwater, Fla., said he received a letter from the HOA at the building which told him the flag was an "unauthorized object" and needed to be removed.

“I dug in my heels and said the flag is gonna stay, the flag never loses," Murphree said on "Fox & Friends."

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The HOA began fining him $100 a day -- up to $1,000 -- so he took them to court. They eventually settled and the HOA agreed he could keep his flag in the flower pot.

"Everything was signed, sealed and delivered," Murphree said. "[But] they got a new board and they came up with what some people call the 'Larry Law,' listing the things that can be in the flower pot. And the flag didn't make the cut."

He said he kept the flag in the pot, and he was once again charged $100 a day for the flag, but the HOA took the money he was fined out of his HOA fee pay, which he was not aware of.

"They put a lien on my house and said I hadn't been paying my dues for four months," Murphree said, revealing that he eventually sold his home due to the mounting fees and lien, as he was facing foreclosure.

Murphree is suing for $1 million, and he was recently granted a court date for a trial in July 2019.

“He’s probably lost . . . hundreds of thousands of dollars of his retirement money, not to mention the time he’ll never get back from having to fight this battle,” his attorney, Gust Sarris, told The Washington Post.

“Should any man who served in the military lose his home, a retirement home, because they want to be patriotic? Anybody can see that the HOA has gone overboard.”

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