In advance of the planned Finnish summit between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lindsey Graham warned that the American leader must speak bluntly to the former KGB agent in order to have a "good relationship" between the nations.

Graham said Trump approaches the Monday meeting having strengthened NATO as well as after receiving the "blessing" of United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May.

He and Martha MacCallum discussed the opposition that many Britons have over Trump's visit.

MacCallum mentioned a statement by Conservative Member of Parliament Sarah Wollaston, a member of May's own party, who bashed Trump.

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Wollaston, of Totnes, Devon, said Trump's statements are often "divisive, dog whistle rhetoric" and that the New Yorker is "repulsive," according to National Review.

Graham said May's approval of the Putin meeting is still important since Britain is America's closest ally as well as similarly a rival of Russia.

"He leaves [England] tonight with the best relationship I've seen with him and Prime Minister May," Graham said of Trump.

Graham suggested that Trump "reject [any] denial" of election meddling from Putin and tell him that if he "desires a good relationship, you've got to stop meddling in our elections."

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