Republican congressional candidate Katie Arrington is set to return to the campaign trail after surviving a horrific car crash, and she credits her faith for helping her through the ordeal.

Arrington -- a Trump supporter who scored an upset primary victory over incumbent Rep. Mark Sanford last month in South Carolina -- was involved in a head-on accident on June 22, while in a car with her friend Jackie Goff.

The driver of the other vehicle -- who was intoxicated and driving in the wrong direction -- died on impact.

Arrington said she broke several ribs and both her feet in the crash, fractured her second vertebrae in her back, lost most of her small intestine, lost her right colon and ruptured her aorta.

On "Fox & Friends," Arrington said she suffered serious injuries, but she has no significant facial injuries or neurological damage, and she's going to be able to walk again.

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She revealed that from the moment of impact through her road to recovery, she has been praying.

"If you don't understand that was God's good embrace holding me and Jackie, you need to believe," Arrington said.

She said she's so thankful, not only to God, but also all the paramedics, police officers, doctors, nurses and others who helped save her life.

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