Greg Gutfeld reacted to President Trump's ongoing NATO-England-Finland tour by saying that he should be considered "the punk rock president."

"Donald Trump is The Ramones of politics," he said.

Gutfeld said that the British left's "baby Trump" balloon had "absolutely no effect" because Trump's impact on the world is "bigger than a balloon."

He said that in the 1970s, British music was defined as soft rock or progressive rock -- naming bands like Air Supply and Genesis.


Gutfeld said that, like Trump today, as the decade progressed, The Ramones, an American band from Queens, N.Y., landed in London and "destroyed that whole scene."

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"And, all of these punk bands start... The Sex Pistols, The Clash," Gutfeld said. "Sound familiar?"

Gutfeld said that what punk rock did to the music scene, Trump has done to the political scene.

He said people may not like punk rock but have to agree that the messages in the lyrics are true.

"Trump is the first punk rock president," he said.

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