At least three top Democrats expressed concern over President Trump's planned meeting in Finland with Russian leader Vladimir Putin scheduled for early next week.

Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed said Trump should cancel the meeting outright.

Reed, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said a "stunning indictment" announced Friday against a dozen Russians for election-related offenses should precipitate calling off Trump's summit.

"President Trump should immediately cancel his meeting with Vladimir Putin," Reed said in a statement. "[T]hese Russian conspirators attacked our democracy and were communicating with Americans to interfere in our election.

Speaking to the press on Capitol Hill, Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner said that the White House should make sure Trump is not left alone with Putin.

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"There needs to be other Americans in the room to make sure we know what really happens," Warner, of Virginia, said.

"If [Trump] and his team are not willing to make the facts of this indictment a top priority of the meeting with Putin, then he needs to cancel it -- the Helsinki summit," Warner added.

John Roberts reported that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has called on Trump to cancel the summit as well.

RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany responded to Warner on "Outnumbered Overtime," telling Harris Faulkner that Trump already intends to discuss the indictment.

"President Obama knew about the meddling [in the election] but did nothing about it," McEnany added.

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