English journalist Piers Morgan reacted to his country's public displays of protest against President Donald Trump and its love for former President Barack Obama.

"He's a rare president," Morgan, editor-in-chief of Daily Mail, said. "[Trump has] a complete revulsion of what he sees as conventional political posturing."

Morgan also told Martha MacCallum that Obama is seen as a "saintly figure" in much of the United Kingdom, while many detest Trump.

However, Morgan invited Britons to take a closer look at their love for Obama: "He deported three million illegal immigrants... [and] kept Guantanamo Bay open for eight years."

"If [Britons] actually looked at him pragmatically, what did he actually achieve?" Morgan asked.

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He said that Obama's tenure was "massively overhyped" as much as Trump's has been the reverse.

Morgan said that, much like the United States is polarized between the liberal coasts and more conservative Middle America, Britain becomes less progressive as you move north from liberal London.

MacCallum noted that London is where much of the anti-Trump protests are taking place.

Morgan said that Trump is definitively honored to be meeting Queen Elizabeth II, who he said was one of the president's Scotch-born mother Mary's "idols."

Watch the full clip above and more from his interview below.

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