Greg Gutfeld reacted to the media's outrage over the way President Trump conducted himself in Brussels at the NATO summit.

He said they always cover Trump's diplomacy as the advent of the "end of the world."

"Yet why do we always feel fine?" Gutfeld asked.

He said the media is upset that Trump asked the NATO nations -- save for the other four who have met the threshold -- to "pay their fair share."

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"Remember when the media loved that?" he asked, playing tape of President Obama repeatedly using the phrase to call for the upper middle class and rich people to pay more in taxes.

"Ask that of your allies and our media bristles," Gutfeld said. 

He said Trump is right to demand that Germany meet the two percent GDP threshold in funding NATO, pointing to the fact the nation is in the middle of a sizable deal with Russia in regards to a gas pipeline.

Gutfeld said that when Trump himself visits Russia to see President Putin, "everyone on CNN will don their chicken suits and scream at the sky."

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