Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (R) reacted to the outrage over his comments about FBI Agent Peter Strzok's infidelity and also claimed that a non-Russian entity breached Hillary Clinton's email server.

Gohmert initially said he did not intend to bring up the fact that Strzok cheated on his wife, SEC official Melissa Hodgman, with FBI attorney Lisa Page as he questioned the embattled FBI agent on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Gohmert said he was incensed at Strzok and thought he was knowingly lying to lawmakers, which in turn steered his questioning of Strzok toward his personal life.

"That last exchange ... may have clouded over a very important story," Gohmert said.

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Gohmert said he intended to ask Strzok about an allegation that the agent was told by Intelligence Community Inspector General's investigator Frank Rucker that an "anomaly" was found in the metadata within Clinton's unauthorized private email server.

He said that Rucker's "forensic examination" showed "embedded information" that a "foreign entity that was not Russia was getting every single one of her 30,000 emails."

"They did nothing," Gohmert said of the FBI. "And, this is a foreign entity not relating to Russia."

Gohmert maintained that Clinton "compromised America's security."

The ICIG has not publicly disclosed the findings Gohmert described in the meeting between Rucker and Strzok, but the congressman said the watchdog can document them.

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