Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich emphasized the importance of President Donald Trump's "very important" confrontation at the NATO summit with European leaders.

President Trump sternly criticized the leaders for their lax defense spending on Wednesday in Brussels.

Soon after, a declaration was signed by the U.S. and European allies that said both are “committed to improving the balance of sharing the costs and responsibilities of alliance membership.”

"I think it's very healthy for the American president to stand up and tell the truth, and what he has said is basically true," Gingrich said on "Outnumbered Overtime."

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Trump is set to travel to the United Kingdom later this week to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Gingrich said that May is negotiating from a position of weakness, as U.K. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson resigned Monday amid backlash over May’s Brexit handling.

He said that there is "tremendous internal tension" in Europe, but President Trump is offering a much different approach to military spending.

The president has implored NATO countries to fulfill their goal of allocating 2 percent of their GDP spending on defense by 2024.

'It can't always be an American project," Gingrich said of rearming the military.

NATO estimates that 15 members will meet the spending benchmark.

Gingrich added that being a part of NATO gives the United States a reach around the globe that no other country has been able to match.

In regards to military spending, Gingrich criticized other countries for being down at a "pathetic level."

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