Sean Hannity reacted to President Trump's trip to Brussels, Belgium to take part in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit there.

Hannity said Trump was right to hold European economic giant Germany accountable with tough talk for failing to pay 2 percent of its GDP for defense, a NATO goal.

He noted that NATO was "first utilized as a unified military deterrent" against what is now Russia.

Hannity blasted several NATO member states for failing to even come close to the two percent standard or 3.5 percent that the United States contributes.

He said the U.K. contributes $61 billion, Germany $51 billion and Canada "an embarrassing" $21 billion.

"America will no longer be the world's piggy bank," Hannity said in characterizing the way Trump warned NATO.

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He said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel runs the nation that is the "de facto leader of the EU" and that its failure to "properly fund NATO" should be criticized.

Hannity pointed out that Germany is spending billions of dollars on an energy pipeline between them and Russia, and that the country's former chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, is the one leading the business effort. Schröder is chairman of the board of pipeline company Nord Stream AG and Russian oil firm Rosneft

He said Germany could "literally cripple Russia's fragile economy" by abiding by the spirit of NATO and importing its energy from the United States.

"If Russia's economy falters, Vladimir Putin is finished," Hannity said.

He added that Trump's tough talk in favor of hurting the Russian economy and strengthening NATO by properly funding it should silence the president's critics who have repeatedly claimed he is in cahoots with the Kremlin.

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