A North Carolina Republican congressman called for a new debate on the future of the war in Afghanistan, which continues on after nearly 17 years.

Rep. Walter Jones, who represents Kinston, Emerald Isle and the Outer Banks, said "kids are still getting killed" and that the feds are wasting "billions of dollars" of taxpayers' money on a war that is not going well.

Jones said former U.S. Marine Corps Commandant Charles Krulak agrees with his sentiment and demand for a new debate in Congress on the issue.

He said that Krulak told him Afghanistan is often the "graveyard of empires" who try to tame it, and that the U.S. could end up with a "grave headstone" after being financially tapped out by the war.

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Tucker Carlson nodded to the fact that Jones' district encompasses major Marine Corps installations, including the sprawling Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville and a USMC air station at Cherry Point, near Morehead City.

Jones said he is one of few Republicans who are demanding that House leadership take up debate on the issue of the military in Afghanistan.

Carlson said the normal response to leaving Afghanistan tends to be that the country will return to being a "hub of terror."

Jones said we have other threats closer to home in the form of gangs and drug cartels in Central America.

"This is the Wild West and no one in the history of Afghanistan ever changed it," Jones said.

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