Another day, another win, another promise kept by President Trump - and another step closer to Making America Great Again.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, welcome to the team.

It's time for Final Thoughts.

If the Never Trumpers had gotten their way, we wouldn't be celebrating another conservative pick to the high court. We’d instead be heartbroken over the second pick afforded to President Hillary Clinton.

Remember that.

Not only does Judge Kavanaugh have an impressive judicial record, he's a true Constitutional conservative. By all accounts, he is a textualist, an originalist, and deeply believes in the separation of powers, government accountability, and individual liberty. He demonstrates conservative jurisprudence. Without  judicial activism.

That's the kind of guy we want. And that's the kind of guy we need.

And before liberals get their political panties in a wad, listen to this: Doug Gansler- the former Democratic Attorney General of Maryland, friend, and Yale classmate of Kavanaugh's, says "he's a guy that does not live in a conservative bubble...He has liberal friends and spends time talking to his liberal friends about a variety of issues."

WOW! Imagine that - a conservative who still appreciates dialogue, debate and discourse. It can be done!

And by the way, this same man also volunteers his time serving meals to the homeless at Catholic Charities.

But how does he feel about Roe v Wade? We don't really know. And guess what: that's a good thing!

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Kavanaugh told senators during his DC Circuit confirmation hearing in 2006 that he'd respect the precedent of that landmark abortion case. He also declined to share his personal views on Roe v. Wade.

Now, there’s been a lot of talk about his position on last year’s Garza v. Hargan case, in which an underage illegal immigrant - she was 17 - was taken into custody while crossing the border, and promptly said she wanted to have an abortion.

The Trump administration objected, and tried to prevent her from having the abortion. The D.C. Circuit court ultimately ruled in favor of the teen, and she had the abortion.

Kavanaugh dissented from that majority opinion. And while liberals aren't happy he dissented, some conservatives don't think he went far enough, since he didn’t explicitly argue the teen had absolutely no right to an abortion.

Well, guess what? Supreme Court justices shouldn’t legislate their religious views from the bench. They should interpret and rule on the Constitution.

Should Roe V Wade be challenged, I'd expect Kavanaugh to uphold the Constitution- whatever the outcome.

At the end of the day, this is the kind of guy both liberals AND conservatives should support and respect. It's a good day for the Constitution, and a good day for Americans.

Those are my Final Thoughts. Feel free to disagree. From LA, God bless and take care.

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