Family Research Council President Tony Perkins was critical of President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, calling the pick "safe."

Trump nominated the District of Columbia Court of Appeals judge Monday night to fill the impending vacancy of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the high court.

"I'm actually a little surprised," Perkins said on "Fox News @ Night." "I thought the president would want a bigger fight."

Trump and his administration have done a great job of choosing people who abide by the Constitution, Perkins said, but added that he hoped Trump would "go a little stronger" with a choice like Amy Coney Barrett.

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Perkins also responded to a Washington Post article by Eugene Scott, who argued that evangelicals have been "turning a blind eye to Trump’s character issues" because they know he will appoint conservative justices and motivate voters. 

Scott pointed to a tweet by Perkins after Kennedy announced his retirement, which said it would "turbo charge" the midterms.

"I make no apologies about supporting the president in the general election and to this point," he said.

Perkins added that Kavanaugh has a strong record in regards to religious liberty. Addressing an anonymous piece from "The Federalist" that said Kavanaugh poses a "risk of disappointing on religious freedom," Perkins said that Kavanaugh's record is strong.

"He is positioning his opinions to speak to the Supreme Court," Perkins said. "Probably not my preference, but that's how he operates."

"I think he's solid on religious liberty, I think he's solid on the life issue, I think he is an originalist. And that's all we're asking for."

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