Kayleigh McEnany ripped Nancy Pelosi Tuesday after the House minority leader said calls for her to step aside are sexist. 

Pelosi said in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine that Republicans have made her a campaign issue ahead of the midterms because of her effectiveness.

"They come after me because I’m effective," Pelosi said. "I’ve made some very powerful, rich enemies."

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Johns Hopkins University professor Wendy Osefo agreed with Pelosi's contention that sexism is a factor when it comes to those who believe House Democrats should choose a new leader. 

"Nobody ever says that to anybody except a woman. But it's a thing," Pelosi said, asking why people never ask the same question to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid. 

McEnany fired back at Osefo's sexism suggestion, pointing first to Pelosi's 29 percent approval rating.

"She’s a gaffe-prone, out-of-touch member of the Democratic establishment who thinks you can mow the grass and solve the border problem, and thinks giving American people more of their money is Armageddon and crumbs,” she said.

“Nancy Pelosi, you're the reason people are opposing you. It has nothing to do with sexism."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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