The Federalist Society's Leonard Leo responded to attacks from New York Sen. Charles Schumer, who called him the "right-wing" force behind President Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

"What Senator Schumer was saying was really insulting and offensive to the president," Leo said of the Senate minority leader on Your World.

He said the one who came up with an idea for a list of candidates was Trump, not Leo and not the Heritage Foundation -- which also drew Schumer's ire.

Leo said the president was "propelled to victory" by campaigning on the fact he would nominate originalist Supreme Court justices.

Leo said Trump made the Supreme Court's future the "defining issue" of his presidential campaign, and said that the liberal left is incorrect to say Constitutionalists have lost the culture war.

"The people who are on the wrong side of the culture are the Left," he said. "That's why they want to stack the courts [with people] who are going to check their own litmus test on abortion."

Leo said that for Trump, the organizations who helped brainstorm names of potential justices were not important, and instead the key is that the judge chosen will "interpret the Constitution the way it is written."

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"What Senator Schumer and the liberals want is... a justice that will check the boxes on the left-wing extremist issues."

Leo also responded to critics who bashed him, as well as Kavanaugh and another candidate, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, for their Catholic beliefs.

Leo said that the left must understand that Catholics should be able to engage in a "vigorous public debate" no matter their personal views on the sanctity of life -- an issue raised by Schumer.

Jon Kyl, a former Arizona Republican senator, has been tasked with shepherding Kavanaugh through the Senate confirmation process.

Leo also spoke at length about what he expected to come out of that process.

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